Projects Sedrin and Terno have obtained the patronage of the Italian Minister for Integration

Thanks to the initiative of our partner IDEA ROM, the projects Sedrin and Terno have obtained the patronage of theItalian Minister for Integration Cècile Kashetu Kyenge . Below you can reed the full letter.





Rome, 26th July 2013



 Dear President,


I am writing in reference to the patronage's request of the association for the initiatives “Sedrin Project- School Education for Roma Integration” and “Terno Project- Teachers' Education for New Opoortunities in School”, aimed at the educational success of Roma pupils, whose progress is expected in two years until September 2014.


 In this regard, the Minister Dr. Cècilie Kashetu Kyenge, wishes to inform me via, her deep appreciation, to have made this initiatives, and had granted the patronage.


 We inform you that with the granting of the patronage is authorized to use the logo, provided by this office in vector format by e-mail, only on the promotion's material and dissemination of sponsored events. If necessary, in the descriptive text may be shown that the event was sponsored by the "Ministry of Integration."


Making best regards to great success, I take this opportunity to send you warm greetings, on behalf of the Minister.


(Angelo Carbone)




Sign.ra Snezana VULETIC

Presidente IDEA ROM Onlus


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